Holistic user onboarding for B2B SaaS

The image above is a public image on Sievo website here.


I did this project while I was working at Sievo in Helsinki, Finland. Sievo is a B2B SaaS company providing procurement analytics solutions for large corporations.


Head of design, a service designer, and myself as a junior service designer


4 months: 10 May 2021 - 27 August 2021


Onboarding new users and further educating existing users are currently challenging. While responsibilities are split up between different Sievo teams, we lack tools and a holistic plan to tie all the parts together.


  • Create a holistic view of user onboarding
  • Increase Sievo usage
  • Make onboarding a sales differentiator
  • Reduce manual workload in the onboarding process


I used the five-stage of design thinking to approach the challenge.

Stage 1: Empathize

  • Conducted ~10 internal interviews to understand how Sievo onboarding works and identify current limitations
  • Read documentations of how Sievo products work
  • Studied responsibilities of all other departments

Stage 2: Define

  • Created flowcharts to visualize the current onboarding process and point out areas of improvements
  • Documented and presented findings from the interviews to the manager

Stage 3: Ideate

  • Collected improvement ideas from different teams
  • Brainstormed and sketched multiple ideas

Stage 4: Prototyping

  • Designed new onboarding elements on Figma following Sievo's design system
  • Wrote contents for these elements

Stage 5: Testing

  • Tested visual and contents of new onboarding elements internally


  • A document explaining hidden limitations of the current onboarding process
  • Journey maps to visualize the holistic current and improved onboarding process
  • Designs and preliminary contents of 5 onboarding components, including the first login page, a product tour, an onboarding checklist, Sievo Academy for normal and super users
For more details about the project, please reach out to me at tho.doan@aalto.fi.
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