New business models in shared electric mobility

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The context

This project is a collaboration between SPARCS, KONE Corporations, and Aalto University in Finland. I was part of the Aalto team to work on this project.


One visual designer, one data analyst, and me as a service designer/project manager

I am on the left side :)


6 months : 20 November 2020 - 31 May 2021


KONE wants to strengthen its role in moving people between buildings. The company wants to understand the opportunities of future electric peer-to-peer mobility solutions and their business models on a community level.

  • What needs to be considered in successful future peer-to-peer-e-mobility?
  • What are the potential communities for shared mobility?
  • How is a viable business model achieved?


What would be all the shared electric mobility solutions that support citizen sustainable behavior?


Step 1: Expert interview

Our team interviewed six researchers and industry experts to gather insights about the following topics: (1) sustainable mobility, (2) autonomous vehicles, (3) electric cars, and (4) mobility as a service.

Step 2: Survey

We sent three surveys to residents living in Helsinki Metropolitan Area to understand their mobility behaviors.

Stage 3: Focus group interviews

We conducted two focus group interviews - one with residents in the Leppävaara area to understand their mobility behavior and challenges; one with users who often used shared vehicle services to understand their problems and motivations when using these services.

Stage 4: Co-creation with users

We co-created new shared electric mobility concepts with participants in two focus group interviews.

Stage 5: Co-creation with KONE

We co-created the solution with KONE representatives to ensure that the solution concepts are feasible and viable for KONE to implement.


  • A report covering all insights about users' daily mobility behaviors learned from interviews and observation
  • A detailed product and service concept for KONE in shared e-mobility
  • A business model canvas of the concept
  • Low and high-fidelity designs of elements in the concept


Our project starts at 1:56:40 in the video.

For more details about the project, please reach out to me at tho.doan@aalto.fi.
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